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Solar 4 Schools

VIMSIA received a grant from the VI Energy Office that enabled us to install our first solar system.  It is a total 6KW system that is on Building 8 of our lower campus.  Through the Energy Office funding, we have also installed a Web Box that tracks the activity
of this solar system and provides real time information for our students in the classroom, and the rest of our island community (and the world!).  You can view our solar activity in real time below. 

VIMSIA received a second grant from the VI Energy Office for an additional 10kW to be added to our campus system.  This was accomplished by installing two separate 5kW Solar Arrays on the roof of our International Academy House.  Each array is made up of 20 panels (Sharp ND-U230Q1).  Each set of 20 panels is configured exactly the same of the rooftop - facing the same direction etc.   One set runs through a single, parallel type inverter.  The other set of 20 run through individual microinverters (Enphase Model D380-72-2LL).  System IA One will be Titled the  Microinverter Array, System IA Two will be labeled the Sunny Boy Array.  It should be of interest to note any differences in daily production for each of these sets.  Theoretically, the Microinverter array should produce more energy, as each panel is NOT dependent on the lowest performing panel - as is the case with the Sunny Boy, more traditional inverter system.

Thank you to the VI Energy Office for your funding and guidance through this process - we look forward to continuing our wonderful relationship as we strive to become THE MODEL GREEN SCHOOL in the USVI. 

This link depicts production from our Solar Awning Array plus portion of IA Roof - 92.3KW Total

These panels are all run though Enphase Microinverters

82.6kW - Solar Awning: 82.6kW (324 panels) started production on September 30, 2012 - this is our most recent effort and brings us to a WAPA bill that should be approximately $0 over a 12 month period. We are so excited about this, as not only does this allow us to run the entire school on clean energy, but also provides a outdoor "Solar Airnasium" - or basically, a gymnasium without walls! So shade and rain protection for our sports area while still being outdoors. The students love it!

5.1kW - IA Shed Roof: 20 panels started production summer of 2012. They run through microinverters - Enphase and are visible through the link above along with the Solar Awning array.

4.6kW - IA Roof - IA One: 20 panels started production in 2010

The graphs below depict production from two arrays - 10.6KW Total

These panels are all run through SMA Inverters - 2  4000KW inverters (Building 8) and 1 5000KW inverter (IA House)

4.6kW - IA Roof - IA Two: This array began operation in 2010 and is part of a larger array situated on the roof of our IA House. The data for this 4.6kW System (IA Two) - the Sunny Boy Array - is shown in the Graphs below:
6kW - Building 8: This was our first installation which began production in 2008 - this production data can be viewed via the Sunny Web-box graphs below - in conjunction with 4.6 kW from the IA House.

For a current total of 102.9 KW of Solar Panels working hard every day at VIMSIA!

Solar Panel Installation Details

Our first installation consists of 18 panels, each 175 watts for a total of 3,150 watts.  This installation went live in March of 2010. 
The second installation is located on the same roof (Building 8) and consists of 13 panels, each 230 watts for a total of 2,990 watts.  This installation went live in April, 2010.
Each system uses the same model 4000 watt inverter and together they makeup a total of 31 panels and 6,140 total watts.  The data is collected via a Web Box and displayed here.

  • Funds for our original project (6kW Array on Building 8)were made available from the United States Department of Energy, Stripper Well Funds, under Grant No. 05R410970.
  • Funds for an additional 10kWArray, located on the roof of our International Academy House and activated September 2011, were made available in part by a grant administered by the Virgin Islands Energy Office from U.S. Department of Energy under Grant Award Number DE-EE0000223 - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
  • VIMSIA Board of Trustees is committed to development of VIMSIA as a Green School.  We are continually seeking funds that will help us accomplish our mission of protecting our environment and teaching our children the importance of sustainable energy alternatives.  If you would like to a part of this growth by providing expertise or funds, please contact Peggy Hunt at phunt@vimsia.org