Pay BEC Online

Please enter the amount you would like to pay in the open box and click the BEC Payment button.

Kinderlime is an application that we are using to track your child’s attendance at BEC and invoice for BEC time. You will receive an invite that provides information about accessing the application and getting the 4 digit code that you will use for signing out your child. Please download the app, “Kinderlime: Childcare App” - the logo for the app is shown above. Be sure that anyone you are authorizing to pick-up your child from BEC is listed on your account. The original uploads have pulled that information from your 2019/2020 Pickup Authorization Form.

11:30 BEC Program

1/2 day students that attend BEC from 11:30 on are a part of a program that runs 5 days / week. This is not daycare, but a program. So please understand that students are expected to attend that program every weekday and stay until the 3:15 pickup earliest.

by BEC Staff

Students will be signed into the system by BEC staff at 11:30 or 3:15 as appropriate. All 1/2 day students that leave with the main school dismissal at 3:15 (this includes 1/2 day St. John students taking the van to catch the 4:00 ferry), will be signed out by BEC staff at 3:15.

Any students that are not picked up from the car deck by 3:45 will be signed into BEC by BEC staff with a sign-in time of 3:45.

Students that attend BEC after any after-school program will be signed in by BEC staff at the appropriate time (usually 4:30).

sign-out by Parent or authorized Pickup

The BEC staff will have a Kinderlime kiosk device available for sign out. Parents or other authorized pickup person(s) will enter the 4 digit code assigned via the Kinderlime portal when picking up their child.

BEC Billing and Payments

Kinderlime will generate monthly invoices on the 1st of the month that will be due by the 15th of the month. The billing rates are $4/hour from 11:30 - 3:15 and $7/hour from 3:15-5:30. Late charges in the amount of $1/minute apply after 5:30.

The Kinderlime app does provide a button with your billing information that claims “Pay Online”, but given we live in the Virgin Islands and for some reason no one trusts our banking systems, or something, we are unable to utilize that function. Please feel free to use the online button above, drop by with a check or cash, or mail your payment to VIMSIA, Attn: Accounts Receivable, 6936 Vessup Lane, St. Thomas, VI 00802