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VIMSIA is proud of the students who competed in the National Scholastic Chess K-12 Grade Championships in Orlando, Florida this past weekend. Congratulations to Rohan Nagi who came in first place in his division (unrated 9th graders), Drake Walters who placed in the top ten (unrated 5th graders), Miles Tolud who placed third in his division (undrated 6th graders), and Tendaji Davis who placed first in his division (unrated 2nd graders).

Congratulations to VIMSIA Chess Coach Darryl Allen, who tied for first play in the coaches play division!


Romeo and Juliet


Congratulations to the hard-working cast and crew of Romeo and Juliet! Congratulations to Ms. Bump on an amazing play!

PTA Throws an Epic Staff Holiday Party

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff at VIMSIA, we’d like to sincerely thank the PTA and all the parents who donated so many delicious dishes for the Staff Holiday Party. A very special thank you goes out to Mr. Terris Bynum (DJ Tee) for providing us with great music and endless dancing and Jeanne Walters for spearheading the event! We are so grateful to have such an amazing group of supportive and caring parents. Thank you for throwing this amazing party!


DP Global Politics

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On Friday, December 7, 2019, the grade 11 and 12 DP Global Politics class welcomed Mr. Michael Feshbach. Mr. Feshbach taught a lesson on parliamentary systems. He spoke in depth on the unicameral national legislature of Israel, the Knesset. He discussed how governmental parties have to work together in order to accomplish goals. He also spoke in broad terms on the role of how parties of any government should listen and respect different views and opinions and still be able to work together to come to agreements that benefit everyone.

NCCE Student In-Service


On Thursday, December 13, 2018, PGIA students in grades 7-10 had the unique opportunity to take part in Digital Citizenship workshops from the National Center on Computer Education (NCCE). These workshops took place at school on Thursday and Friday.

These pictures show some grade 7 students working with the professional presenters (from the Pacific Northwest). They built circuit boards using bananas! And also learned many other topics of digital citizenship, including some neat tools for school and being safe online.

Dancing Classrooms


On Wednesday, November 7, 2018 Peter Gruber International Academy (PGIA) 8th grade students stepped into the limelight during Dancing Classrooms VI culminating event!

Dancing Classrooms started in only two schools in 1994 with Piere Dulaine a professional ball room dancer who as a young person, had moved from Palestine over to Birmingham, England and really struggled with self confidence and self esteem. It was through dancing that allowed him to stand a little taller and gain confidence. When he was older and a young professional, Dulaine wanted to give that back to the young people. Today, Dancing Classrooms is in over 30 locations nationally and internationally. Dancing Classrooms VI has been in the Virgin Islands since 2009 and last year served 1,000 student - 5,000 students have participated in program overall.

Dancing Classrooms VI's culminating event was a demonstration of a lectured lesson. It was the students' 19th lectured lesson - keep in mind four of those were before the hurricanes- and conducted under the direction of Mary Capella, teaching artist.

MYP Interdisciplinary Art and PGIA Visual Art & Art Coordinator, Jana Ferguson has participated with Dancing Classrooms for four years. Eighth grade students use their art period to participate in the Dancing Classrooms VI program.  

Aside from teaching our students ballroom dancing, the program challenges them to get out of their comfort zone, respect one another and respect themselves.  The younger students are excited to enter the program and the older students love to watch and dance along, reminiscing on their own experiences.  It has become a tradition at the PGIA.

College Visitors: NYU, Johns Hopkins and Vanderbilt University


Admissions representatives from Vanderbilt University, New York University and Johns Hopkins University presented to PGIA students today!  They shared information on each of their institutions, the college admission process and facilitated a great Q&A.  The opportunity to connect with colleges is very important for students here in the Caribbean.  This group will also provide a session open to the entire Virgin Islands community tonight at 6PM here at VIMSIA.  We are so pleased to be able to provide this type of programming to our students and community!  


Packed House At End Session


Last night’s event had an excellent turnout; a full house with standing room only. The highly anticipated comeback of End Session 2019, brought much excitement to the families of the PGIA. This program which focuses on promoting International-mindedness has already brought students to over 40 countries. This year’s plan will provide students with 8 exciting course options, 5 on campus and 3 traveling. Topics include: film-making, computer science, up-cycling, Spanish immersion, outdoor adventure and more! 



An Act of Kindness


Over the summer Ms. Ludick went shopping at a consignment store in the next town over from where she lives - Chesterland, Ohio. Gayle Tuttle is the consignment store owner and her husband Peter is President of the Rotary Club in Chesterland. Peter happened to be working with the St. Thomas Rotary Club to help to rebuild the Eudora Kean Library. 


There had been a rumor around town that one of the Alumni from West Geauga High School (Ms. Ludick) was a teacher in the USVI and help was needed.

Gayle ended up contacting Ms. Ludick and donated the entire summer stock of consignment clothes for VIMSIA staff members. They are ladies clothes--some professional, some for going out. Dresses, skirts, pants, shirts. The Micro-Economy Manager of the Class, Devin DeGannes, Assistant Manager, Zia Zucker, and the rest of the crew set up a pop up shop for VIMSIA teachers to "shop". Each teacher was given a $50 allowance and a personal shopper.

Our sincerest appreciation to Gayle and Peter Tuttle for their generous contribution and such a touching act of kindness.