Spotlight - Alex McFarlane


Alex McFarlane, who will be entering 9th grade in the PGIA, was honored as MVP of the Latin America/Caribbean Regional Intermediate Baseball Championships in July.  Alex's St. Thomas All Star Team, coached by Geary Smith and Kwodwo Brannigan, won the tournament and now proceed as the Latin America representatives to the Intermediate World Series in Livermore, CA beginning August 2.   This is only the second time St. Thomas has made it to the World Series level!  Huge kudos to Alex and the rest of the team.  We wish them luck.  ALEX, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!  (I predicted this when he was eight months old spinning quarters on my kitchen table - ever the athlete!)

Alumni Update - Zane Birnie

Zane Birnie is home for the summer after finishing his first year at Rider University.  Zane is studying Arts Administration and  hosted a Caribbean Music Hour on Rider's radio station, WRRC-FM The Bronc. Next year he plans to also host an Open Mic Night.  Many of us have seen Zane perform Standup Comedy, right here on St. Thomas.  He is indeed an LOL entertaining young man!  Best of luck, Zane.  Thanks for stopping by - we missed seeing your smiling face around campus this past year.  Ahh, they grow up so fast!

Camp: International Summer Academy at VIMSIA

The International Summer Academy (ISA) is well underway and continues through most of the summer.  Please check out the fabulous offerings week by week for ages 3 through 16 on the ISA Website.  Enjoy the photos below and see what's been happening so far.  Thanks Ms. Helen and Ms. Barbara for getting together some fabulous offerings! 

Discovery campers, ages 8 to 14, enjoyed making a variety of foods from different cultures around the globe.  Tony Romano, who is a world renowned chef, was a guest at the camp and worked with the students to make pasta pomodoro, pasta ali-olio, caprese salad, blueberries with chantilly sauce - yum!

Imagination campers, ages 3 and 4, along with the Adventure campers created beautiful chalk murals under the Solar Awning, then headed up to the Pirate Ship for some good outdoor play - Aargh, Matey!

Adventure campers, ages 5-7, visited the Aviation Control Tower at Cyril King International Airport, and later enjoyed a nature walk at UVI.  

Media-Smart Youth Video: Eat, Think, and Be Active!

Media-Smart Youth is an after school program that focuses on building skills in media analysis and media production to help young people ages 11 to 13  understand the complex media world and how this influences their health and decision making in regards to nutrition and physical activity. 

This video is our school's Big Production.   The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), a part of the National Institutes of Health within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, created Media-Smart Youth to help empower young people to think critically about media and make thoughtful decisions about nutrition and physical activity.

This partnership was made possible by our sponsor WUVI AM 1090 Radio Station.  Huge thanks to our VIMSIA Teen Leaders Harsha Ramchand and Ca-Jani Fahie;  VIMSIA Staff Scott Williams and Erika Gomez; WUVI Radio Manager Christina Chanes.

Alumni Update - Kai Bartlette

Kai Bartlette stopped by campus today.  It was so good to see her, I love when Alumni stop by to visit us!  Kai was in our first IB graduating class, in 2011.  She went on to Providence College and has just graduated with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Spanish.  Kai is home for the summer, but will begin work on her PhD in Applied Mathematics this fall at Colorado School of Mines.  

VIMSIA End Session - Latin Dance

The purpose of the Latin Dance end session was to give students an overview of different Latin dances, their origin and cultural interconnection. The Latin dances explored in this course, included: Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango, Samba, Cha Cha Cha, Flamenco, and Bolero. Students gained a better understanding of Latin-American culture by exploring different dances and rhythms, unique to specific countries and regions within Latin America and the Spanish Speaking Caribbean. Participants also learned to dance and practiced these dances, along with exploring Latin Culture in our local environment by going to lunch to Cafe Amalia and Melt Mexican Grill. Team building activities and outings to the beach also helped students engage in this end session.