Photo by Don Hebert

Photo by Don Hebert

VIMSIA is proud to have been on the leading edge of the solar movement in St. Thomas.  Our first 6KW array in 2007 set the stage for what has become a 148KW array in 2017.  

We put sustainability at the forefront of our campus operations.  Water is collected from our rooftops and stored in cisterns - some for drinking and everyday use, some - like the water collected from our solar awning and our parking lot - is used as a grey water irrigation system for our soccer field.  

A retention pond built below our soccer field promotes ground water retention and reduces runoff from our surrounding neighborhood watershed.  We have worked with Fish and Wildlife to create a tree boa preserve on our property to protect this indigenous species.  Hundred of pounds of aluminum cans have been recycled on our island thanks to the efforts our student recycling program.

Our students participate annually in UVI's Reef Fest - which focuses on marine environmental issues.