DP GRADE 10 Orientation
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DP GRADE 10 Orientation

VIMSIA invites you to attend an evening orientation about the… IB Diploma Program Thursday, April 11 th 2019 at 6:00pm – 7:30pm ALL ARE WELCOME

Topics of this Educational Seminar:

1. “How does the IB Diploma Program provide a viable avenue for success in a student’s academic, professional and personal life?”

2. “How can a high school student enter into the world as a responsible global citizen who cares about the world around them?”

3. “What courses will a student choose to create a path to success?”

4. Find out the requirements that your student needs to meet in order to be enrolled in the IB Diploma Program at PGIA

Come and learn about the IBDP! A basic overview of the topics to be covered will include:

 Intro to IBDP – what is it?

 International-mindedness – what is this?

 Benefits of the IBDP – what will it do for you?

 IBDP Courses & Core Requirements – what do you need to do?

 Student/Parent/Teacher Expectations – what is the three-legged stool?

 Student requirements for enrollment into the IB Diploma Program

Join us at VIMSIA in the Large Pod for this introduction to the IBDP!

RSVP to Mrs. Arpasi at 340-998-6353 or garpasi@vimsia.org

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