A goal of our PTA is to Grow Our Community Together and to do that, the PTA encourages 100% parent involvement through social events, volunteer opportunities, as well as parent education.   

Whether it's your time, a service, resources or you would like to help educate our community at an upcoming PTA meeting, please let us know by sending us an email at

More reasons to get involved:

  • Discover Great Resources - The PTA offers a variety of programs designed for parents as well as students

  • Tap into a Network - PTA events are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, building rapport and discussing issues that are on your mind. Share your ideas, concerns and experiences

  • Get Connected - As a part of the PTA, keep up-to-date on what’s happening at the school

  • Grow as a Volunteer - By volunteering with the PTA, put your skills and hobbies to use for a noble cause—your child and all the children in our community

  • Foster Improvement - By getting involved at VIMSIA/PGIA, be part of the solution, helping make positive changes by supporting improvements through advocacy and play an important role in fundraising for educational and social programs

2018-2019 PTA OFFICERS

April Jackson-Baynes, President (340) 227-1433

Sarah Smith Williams, Vice President (214) 707-8085

Aldeth Lewin, Public Relations Officer (240)642-3984

Mone Taylor, Secretary (340) 344-3209

Darian Hairston Treasurer (540) 840-9858

Enrique Rodriguez, Liaison to Board of Trustees (787) 403-5375

General Members

Jennifer Lazuka (440) 487-8118

Marcela Ferreyra (340) 344-3753

Liza Margolis (340) 626-8009

Kichael Miller (830) 333-9675

Jeanne Walters (312) 282-3807 

We are still looking for an Events PTA Board Member as well as additional General PTA Board Members. Please send an email to , if you are interested.