From Toddler through Upper Elementary, VIMSIA is dedicated to the Association Montessori Internationale’s (AMI) Montessori philosophy and method of education. Our International Academy is student-centered and built upon a strong Montessori foundation using IBO principles. VIMSIA is an active viable institution set upon a solid foundation of excellence in faculty, administration and facilities. Our purpose is to provide the fullest development and highest standard of learning possible in each individual child. Nondenominational and nondiscriminatory, our school welcomes children from all backgrounds.

An education at the Virgin Islands Montessori School and International Academy allows our students to experience the joy of learning while striving for excellence and stimulating the initiative and curiosity inherent in each individual. We provide an atmosphere that guides the progress of each student to their potential intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically with special focus on nurturing the human spirit. We emphasize respect for self, others, the VI community, and the global environment.