Back From the Big Apple


The 6th grade class have just come back from the annual MMUN trip, full of stories and news. MMUN stands for Model Montessori United Nations, and it is the experience of a lifetime in which our 6th graders go to New York to participate in this amazing event. According to the students, this year was a huge success and everybody had lots of fun. “ My favorite part was meeting new people at the UN and being able to help solve problems that need to be solved. I also really enjoyed doing some fun activities NYC has to offer; skating at Rockefeller, visiting museums; and walking around New York, because New York is an awesome city.” said one sixth grade student.

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"Taste the Nations" from a Student’s Perspective

“Taste the Nations” preparation begins months before the event. The grades choose a country to represent in a dance- these almost always tie in with end session or some other event that has inspired us during the year. For example, the seventh grade represented Iceland, which is a travel option during end session this year. They then go to work practicing and perfectecting the dance. “For two months, we rehearsed every Tuesday for two hours. As ‘Taste the Nations’ drew closer, we rehearsed a few Thursdays as well.” said a grade seven student. “Not only is there the dance practice, but the writing and rehearsing of the introduction speech.”

It’s a lot of work, but we, the students, recognize the importance of it. Firstly, it is for a grade. Secondly, we care about our school, and so we do our best to represent it. Not only do we care about our school, but the opportunities of the people in it. The money raised from “ Taste the Nations” goes toward end session scholarships- because the end session traveling options cost a lot, the school makes an effort to have all the students travel once throughout their period at school. It is an amazing experience- one every student deserves to try.

Kindness Tree

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In our effort to spread kindness and love, VIMSIA PTA is focusing this year on a Kindness Campaign “Cool to be Kind”. Under PTA’s mentorship, the students have created a kindness tree. Each of these leaves is a piece of paper belonging to a student, on which they drew a picture or wrote something that they think demonstrates and expresses kindness. “ Every time I pass the kindness tree, it makes me feel happy. It also makes me glad that I go to Montessori.” said a student. Here are a few examples on the leaves; some say a good deed they had done, such as “ I picked up the trash at the beach on Sunday”, or a good deed you could do “ Compliment the first three people you see today”. Others say encouraging things such as “ One smile can change everything. BE KIND” or simple words such as “ Love”.

Coming Soon, Wizard of Oz

After last semester’s production of Romeo and Juliet, the drama club is preparing for a second play fast approaching- the Wizard of Oz! Mrs. Bump and her team of theater students are hard at work. This time, the lower and upper elementary classrooms will be participating as well, as munchkins and monkeys. Be sure to come watch and support the PGIA drama club! The dates of the performances will be May 10 and 11, which will land on a Friday and Saturday.

Photo Credit to Tams-Witmark

Photo Credit to Tams-Witmark

8th Grade Students set Sail on a Roseway Adventure

Photo Credit to Roseway Ship’s Log

Photo Credit to Roseway Ship’s Log

Many thanks to the Gifft Hill School for inviting our students on their latest adventure… James, Paschal, Preston, and Malcolm are spending this week at the World Ocean School aboard the Roseway. They will be visiting St. John, Puerto Rico, and other outlying islands. Feel free to follow along on the Roseway Ship’s Log!

Photo Credit to Roseway Ship’s Log

Photo Credit to Roseway Ship’s Log