Go Volts: School Participation Winners - Rotary Triathlon

Volts bring home the school participation award...again!  Pretty sure we are undefeated in this.  Way to go  VIMSIA athletes!

Special shout-out to our medalists

12 - 15 year olds:  Taber - 1st place; Kaia - 1st place; Relay Anapia, Aviela, Nicholas - 1st place; Relay Skyler and Axel - 2nd place; Relay (mixed school) Gabriella, Christian and Thomas - 3rd place

9-11 year olds:  Maia T - 1st place; Relay Mariana, Aurora and Sofie - 2nd place

5-8 year olds:  Lyle - 3rd place; Relay (mixed school) Charlie, Willie and Connor - 1st place

Full List of Medalists


The Danish West-Indies – Sources of History - #100FOR100USVI

The Danish National Archives’ digitization project “The Danish West Indies – Sources of History” is a fabulous collection of resources about Virgin Islands History.  The site includes five million pages of digitized records from the colonial era which are now searchable.

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Resources to recognize USVI Centennial - #100for100USVI

Happy Transfer Day!  This lovely book, written by Anecia Sewer and illustrated by Karen Samuel, is a perfect introduction to Transfer Day for all students.  It is a fitting opening entry for “100 for 100 USVI,” a collection of one hundred information resources about USVI history and culture that I am gathering in recognition of the Centennial.

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MMUN Day 2!

This message just in from Ms. Schlesinger and Ms. Morrison:

Wednesday was our day for sight seeing. We split into groups to explore different parts of New York City, including Top of the Rock, The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York Public Library...The kids are loving popping into stores such as Lego, NBA, Forever 21, Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods. We’ve sampled world famous pizza and cheesecakes. Wednesday night as the kids were putting finishing touches on their poster displays, one said “I can’t believe we just got here last night!”

Today/ Thursday was the first day of conferences. Everyone was a little nervous in the morning, but by lunch feeling a lot more confident about the MMUN committee process.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get snow!!!!