Alick Letang Guest Speaker College Seminar


Alick Letang, Admissions Director of Randolph College, spoke to our DP1 students during college seminar this week! Originally from the Virgin Islands, Mr. Letang has over 20 years of admissions and enrollment management experience. He shared many insights with students including keeping an open mind during the college search, the importance of academic success and always looking for ways to create options for the future. Thank you for supporting our students Mr. Letang!

Rugby in MYP PE Class


Two years ago the local USVI Privateers Rugby Club teamed up with our school in an effort to be involved with the community and grow the sport of rugby. At the time we welcomed a few college teams in our PE classes. This year we were excited to welcome back the Babson United Rugby Club from Babson College, located in Boston. The students had an awesome time running drills and playing fun rugby games with the players! Thanks to Coach Carrick Pell and the Babson team!

Kindness Tree

52344386_2095227367231177_335669801764519936_o (1).jpg

In our effort to spread kindness and love, VIMSIA PTA is focusing this year on a Kindness Campaign “Cool to be Kind”. Under PTA’s mentorship, the students have created a kindness tree. Each of these leaves is a piece of paper belonging to a student, on which they drew a picture or wrote something that they think demonstrates and expresses kindness. “ Every time I pass the kindness tree, it makes me feel happy. It also makes me glad that I go to Montessori.” said a student. Here are a few examples on the leaves; some say a good deed they had done, such as “ I picked up the trash at the beach on Sunday”, or a good deed you could do “ Compliment the first three people you see today”. Others say encouraging things such as “ One smile can change everything. BE KIND” or simple words such as “ Love”.

Dr. Xuri Maurice Allen visits DP Program


Dr. Xuri Maurice Allen visited our Diploma Program students during College Seminar this week.  Dr. Allen (current VIMSIA parent) has over 20 years of experience in higher education and has served as the Director of Recruitment and Admissions at the University of the Virgin Islands.  He spoke to our students about the transition to college and preparing for the college application process.  Thank you for supporting our students, Dr. Allen!  For more information or ways to get involved please contact Kara Ebe at

The Soccer Field is Looking Very "Bright"

IMG_2480 (1).JPG

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Out of chaos comes opportunity.

The Story of the Lights:

VIMSIA's soccer field is now lit with LED lights. Thus the electricity consumption is nominal. The poles supporting the lights are discarded utility poles from the hurricanes...recycled poles. 

And that’s not all this very “GREEN” field has to boast about:

  • The retaining wall and seats on the south side of the field are built from discarded poles from the hurricanes...recycled materials;

  • The poles and lights were installed by Haugland Energy... donated labor;

  • The field is watered with water captured in our road run-off collection system. The system not only waters the field but reduces the road run-off into the ocean from surrounding environmental system helping to preserve ocean quality;

  • The pump system and lighting are powered by our solar system and battery storage system, (off grid system) energy payments to WAPA.


Pit fall: the lawn mower used to mow the field is gas powered.

But, maybe we can fix that, too. CAS hours anyone?

Bienvenidos to our Spanish Exchange Students


8 students from Casvi-Boadilla school in Madrid, Spain arrived on island Wednesday for their six week visit to St. Thomas and the PGIA. They were met on the basketball court by their host families and a myriad of welcome posters! Our six PGIA Spanish Exchange students are now hosting the Casvi student that housed them earlier this year. Lots of smiles and hugs all around. The students were sincerely happy to see each other and the Casvi students are very anxious to “Go to the Beach!” Any families that are part of an excursion related business and would like to volunteer to take these visitors out for some Caribbean adventure - please, let us know! We are actively looking for great (and inexpensive) things for them to do while not in school.