End Session Presentations Take Us Around The World!

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PGIA End Session is one of the exceptional programs that sets VIMSIA apart from other schools. Each year, we put together several program options for these last few weeks of school. These are in depth programs that focus on language, the arts, STEM, history and international-mindedness. Some involve international travel, while others provide these experiences here on campus - with special field trips and events.

The students’ experience culminates with a presentation to our school community and this year’s groups did not disappoint:

End Session Students Turn Trash to Treasure


As part of the Trash to Treasure End Session Course, students are re-purposing discarded waste into unique treasures with aesthetic and practical appeal. This week, the group teamed up with Sports & Nutrition to explore the mangrove lagoon and learn about the flora and fauna affected by terrestrial litter and marine debris.

End Session students kayaking in St. Thomas

End Session students kayaking in St. Thomas

End Session students enjoy VI Eco Tours on St. Thomas

End Session students enjoy VI Eco Tours on St. Thomas

Dr. Xuri Maurice Allen visits DP Program


Dr. Xuri Maurice Allen visited our Diploma Program students during College Seminar this week.  Dr. Allen (current VIMSIA parent) has over 20 years of experience in higher education and has served as the Director of Recruitment and Admissions at the University of the Virgin Islands.  He spoke to our students about the transition to college and preparing for the college application process.  Thank you for supporting our students, Dr. Allen!  For more information or ways to get involved please contact Kara Ebe at kebe@vimsia.org

PGIA Honor Students Announced


Congratulations to all of the students who ended semester 1 on Academic Honors!  

These are students who have earned an IB 6-7 average in their core IB classes. The list of students is attached, and will be hung around campus. Your hard work and diligence has paid off.  Nice work!

Honor students were awarded Honors Certificates.

Mireille Boumedine Receives Honorable Mention


Time to share some good news!  This fall Mireille “Mimi” Boumedine, 9th grader at Virgin Islands Montessori School & Peter Gruber International Academy (VIMSIA), applied for the Aspirations in Computing award sponsored by the National Center for Women & Information and Technology.  As a 9th grader, this was her first year of eligibility. There are two levels of the award, regional and national.  We still do not know about the regional results (for us that is the PR/USVI region), but the national award winners are now official.

There are usually approximately only 15 girls who achieve the national award recognition.  Mimi is not one of those this year. There are more 350 nationally who receive the honorable mention at the national level.  Most of them are not in 9th grade.  Mimi recently was notified that she received the national honorable mention award!

She is the first Virgin Islands student ever to receive any kind of national level award from the Aspirations in Computing program.  Congratulations Mimi!

NCCE Student In-Service


On Thursday, December 13, 2018, PGIA students in grades 7-10 had the unique opportunity to take part in Digital Citizenship workshops from the National Center on Computer Education (NCCE). These workshops took place at school on Thursday and Friday.

These pictures show some grade 7 students working with the professional presenters (from the Pacific Northwest). They built circuit boards using bananas! And also learned many other topics of digital citizenship, including some neat tools for school and being safe online.

Packed House At End Session


Last night’s event had an excellent turnout; a full house with standing room only. The highly anticipated comeback of End Session 2019, brought much excitement to the families of the PGIA. This program which focuses on promoting International-mindedness has already brought students to over 40 countries. This year’s plan will provide students with 8 exciting course options, 5 on campus and 3 traveling. Topics include: film-making, computer science, up-cycling, Spanish immersion, outdoor adventure and more! 



Student Council Organizes Color War


After the last exam, the PGIA students enjoyed and afternoon of fun activities organized by the Student Council. Some went to the beach at Secret Harbor, some played Console-type games, some chilled and watched their choice of entertainment while others participated in a Color War. All activities ended up with a sweet ice cream treat. The Student Council hopes that everyone enjoyed their afternoon and wishes everyone a wonderful summer!

Anthill CollectivE Mural

Anthill Collective generously offered to paint an amazing graffiti mural in the Music Room at the Virgin Islands Montessori School and Peter Gruber International Academy (VIMSIA). Scottie Raymond, Brian Clark and Jared Mattes, artists from Anthill Collective, are on St. Thomas for a few days and have chosen to paint three murals, possibly four if time permits. They are working closely with the Youth Development Academy and will be painting at Mandela Circle. VIMSIA was fortunate enough to be picked as one of these places.

The Anthill Collective is based out of Vermont and its artists have been working together for the last five years, travelling all over the world spreading color and art. The Anthill Collective, named after the fact that ants are notoriously much stronger when the work together, is on a mission to "make things beautiful, spread color to places that would have otherwise been neglected and make it something that people can enjoy" said Raymond, adding that they want "to take art outside of the white cube." All three well renowned artists originally got their start creating graffiti under bridges and on trains, but as they met and worked with various artists around the world their skills progressed and they ended up forming their own company.

With the help of VIMSIA parent Dan Lewin, the Anthill Collective artists made the connection with VIMSIA Art Coordinator Jana Ferguson. It was Ferguson's responsibility to facilitate the project and set up a workshop with the students where they gave input for the mural design -such as featuring VIMSIA's beloved (and recently passed) blue and gold macaw "Sweetie Pie." Grades 7-12 students worked with the artists all day Thursday, helping with layout sketches, rolling paint, and blending and practicing different spray techniques. 

"We love these opportunities because every now and again you get that one kid in a class full of kids that says 'this is my thing,' and we can offer them that without them having to have that scary run away from the police." said Raymond. 

Ferguson was thrilled that Peter Gruber International Academy students were able to participate and take part in this amazing masterpiece. "I want students to experience gratitude for having Anthill Collective travel here to add art to our island. The team wanted to beautify St. Thomas after our Irmaria experiences in order to contribute to our community. The three of them came to donate their time and skills and we just got lucky because of our parent connection” said Ferguson. Adding that she hopes students will "look at art from different avenues - not everyone loves what is considered traditional art - so I hope this opens their eyes to all the different opportunities out there."


VIMSIA would like to express their sincere gratitude to the Anthill Collective for not only selecting VIMSIA as one of their projects, but for inspiring students and parents.