Positive Lifestyles Promgram


The PGIA would like to thank all community presenters that donated their time to talk to our students yesterday during the Positive Lifestyle Program Health Fair; Dr. Jessica Wilson, Meg Sheahan, Bianca McClammy, Michael Fogle, Justin Kurtz, Ashley Smith, and our staff members Shane DeGannes, Mara Brownell, and Kelly Butler. 

"Taste the Nations" from a Student’s Perspective

“Taste the Nations” preparation begins months before the event. The grades choose a country to represent in a dance- these almost always tie in with end session or some other event that has inspired us during the year. For example, the seventh grade represented Iceland, which is a travel option during end session this year. They then go to work practicing and perfectecting the dance. “For two months, we rehearsed every Tuesday for two hours. As ‘Taste the Nations’ drew closer, we rehearsed a few Thursdays as well.” said a grade seven student. “Not only is there the dance practice, but the writing and rehearsing of the introduction speech.”

It’s a lot of work, but we, the students, recognize the importance of it. Firstly, it is for a grade. Secondly, we care about our school, and so we do our best to represent it. Not only do we care about our school, but the opportunities of the people in it. The money raised from “ Taste the Nations” goes toward end session scholarships- because the end session traveling options cost a lot, the school makes an effort to have all the students travel once throughout their period at school. It is an amazing experience- one every student deserves to try.

Coming Soon, Wizard of Oz

After last semester’s production of Romeo and Juliet, the drama club is preparing for a second play fast approaching- the Wizard of Oz! Mrs. Bump and her team of theater students are hard at work. This time, the lower and upper elementary classrooms will be participating as well, as munchkins and monkeys. Be sure to come watch and support the PGIA drama club! The dates of the performances will be May 10 and 11, which will land on a Friday and Saturday.

Photo Credit to Tams-Witmark

Photo Credit to Tams-Witmark


Wednesday afternoon was a Black History celebration through music and dance!

Lower Elementary teacher Jessica Di Franceso, students Lilly Tulk, Erica Simcic, Natasha Webster and Morgan Tolud participate in a traditional basket dance with Mama Azia. 

 "The Echo People" vocalist and drummer, Ital Anthony explaining Moko jumbies to an assembly of children.

Students Lilly Tulk, Patricia Cannon, Erica Simcic, Morgan Tolud and Evelyn Wilson wait for instructions from Mama Azia.

Student Thank-a-Thon


With the help of Peter Gruber International Academy students, the Advancement Office held its first student run Thank-a-Thon to show our donors some #KINDNESS and love this Valentines season. It's because of our amazing supporters that #VIMSIA is able to continue to provide students with quality education and create a love for learning unlike any other. Thanks to all who volunteered, helping us reach out to over 150 supporters of our school and embracing our #cooltobekind theme! 

A Night at The Museum


Upper Elementary Wax Museum presentations were a hit Thursday night.  Students prepared first person narratives from past to the present for family and friends. Each student dressed up in character and delivered their speeches flawlessly all while pretending to be a wax statue. It is an interactive presentation held at VIMSIA in honor of black history month.

As a culmination of 6 weeks work these notable personalities came to life to share their stories representing a diversity of backgrounds of social activism, education, literature, medicine, sports, NASA and the entertainment world. 

Theater Elective Workshop with Lisa Aqui

Some of the students who welcomed Lisa Chamely-Aqui to theater class on Wednesday morning.

Some of the students who welcomed Lisa Chamely-Aqui to theater class on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning, Lisa Aqui, parent and Board of Trustee member who has a background in theater performance, worked with theater students as a volunteer presenter. Theater Elective students in 2nd and 3rd periods were taught concepts about staging, articulation and projection, blocking scenes and having the right body language for their characters.

Thank you, Lisa!

12th Annual Poetry Out Loud Winner Adia Thomas

3rd place: Kira Mitchell, 2nd place: Caroline Gaskin, 1st place: Adia Thomas

3rd place: Kira Mitchell, 2nd place: Caroline Gaskin, 1st place: Adia Thomas

Under the direction of Virgin Islands Montessori and Peter Gruber International Academy (VIMSIA) Middle Years Program English Language and Literature teacher Melissa Bump, six high school students participated in the annual Poetry Out Loud competition with hopes of winning and moving on to the territory-wide competition scheduled for March 9, 2019 in St. Croix. Contestants included: Caroline Gaskin ‘20, Bianca Campbell ‘22, Kira Mitchell ‘21, Vidhika Khemani ‘22, Layla Richman ‘22 and Adia Thomas ’21. Each student was required to prepare, memorize and recite two poems from the Poetry Out Loud Anthology.

This year’s winners: 3rd place Kira Mitchell, 2nd place Caroline Gaskin, 1st place Adia Thomas. The VI Council on the Arts will provide an all expense paid trip to St. Croix for Thomas and Bump.

Poetry Out Loud provides a great opportunity for students to truly connect with poetry through memorization and internalization of the poet’s message. It is also a fabulous opportunity for students to gain public speaking experience. 

The winner of the territory competition will receive an all-expense paid trip to Washington DC in April to compete in the national competition. There are numerous award levels in DC, the most impressive being the $20,000 awarded to the national champion. In addition to the financial benefit, Poetry Out Loud opens fantastic doors for that person. Some national champions have even performed at the White House. 

All 6 competitors - Caroline Gaskin ‘20, Bianca Campbell ‘22, Kira Mitchell ‘21, Vidhika Khemani ‘22, Layla Richman ‘22 and Adia Thomas ’21

All 6 competitors - Caroline Gaskin ‘20, Bianca Campbell ‘22, Kira Mitchell ‘21, Vidhika Khemani ‘22, Layla Richman ‘22 and Adia Thomas ’21

College Seminar Guest Speaker

Tina Volt1.jpg

Students enjoyed a guest presenter in College Seminar this week. Tina Romano, Senior Training Consultant with Impact Factory (and VIMSIA parent) presented to our DP students on personal impact, first impressions, positive communication and building confidence. Students engaged in role playing, presenting and all around collaborative FUN! Thank you, Tina, for supporting our students' development!

Tina Volt.jpg