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VISIT to apply online for the 2019-2020 school year!

Enrollment requirements

Please note: PGIA Diploma Program Scholarship Applicants are required to supply the same information listed above. There is a Scholarship Application Form that can take the place of the Enrollment Form.

Math Placement Test

Students applying for entrance in the PGIA grades 7-11 (either from Montessori or outside schools) will take a math placement test either as part of their day-long visit or during their interview process (if during summer). The test is one hour in length and given in a controlled setting. The answers will be multiple-choice, but students should show their work. The point of this test is to determine the student’s strengths and areas for improvement in order to better inform the student’s PGIA math teacher. For students entering 9th-11th grades, this test will be used to help place the student in the appropriate math class.

The tests belong to the school are aligned with our vertical articulation in the mathematics department. The essay portion of the enrollment process is our recognition of the importance of what the prospective student writes about him or herself. How much is written is less important than the content of what is written.