The International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma Programs have a strong need for educational technology as a core tool in the learning process. Our philosophy is that students should learn technology by using it - such that every class in the PGIA integrates technology as appropriate in completion of course work. 

Since 2010, each student in PGIA has a laptop computer as one of their core educational tools. From research to writing to assessment to communication, digital tools are used daily in the PGIA. Students in grades 7 and 8 are provided with a school owned laptop (currently Macbook Pro or Macbook Air) and students in grades 9-12 must provide their own laptop. PGIA students utilize the Google Apps system (email, drive - office suite and cloud document storage - sites, blogs, etc.) for a majority of their coursework and communication. ManageBAC is used for all course curriculum, assessment, parent communication and report cards. Parents and students can access ManageBAC from phones and computers for up to date information on assignments, academic progress, and school announcements. The VIMSIA Library catalog is accessible online and includes information resources available both in our library and online, including e-books and Britannica Online. Classrooms are equipped with Epson interactive networked projectors. The entire campus is connected via high speed wireless with broadband internet access via viNGN fibre. Internet safety is ensured via a comprehensive content filter and all students receive instruction in digital citizenship.