VIMSIA Without Borders

Mission & Vision

In keeping with the International Baccalaureate program and in recognition of the opportunity for intellectual growth and importance of cross cultural awareness, “VIMSIA without Borders Educational Program” seeks to provide opportunities for students in the Peter Gruber International Academy (PGIA) to become more aware of their place in the wider world through international education and experiences.  Part of the VIMSIA Without Borders fundraising goal is to make it possible for each student in the Peter Gruber International Academy to have one external activity during their IA experience partially funded by non-tuition, non-personal dollars.  The student and their family would still be responsible for the remainder of the cost, but the effort is to make it so that the out of Territory experience is not a great financial strain on any family so that this important educational growth is available to all PGIA students.  Funds raised by VIMSIA Without Borders will benefit all PGIA students as we work toward making the PGIA a truly international experience, through activities aimed at travel, foreign student interactions, speaker series, etc.  The hope is that every student that desires it can have at least one international experience that takes them to another culture during their time in the PGIA. The VIMSIA without Borders committee projects that $40,000 a year raised can make this happen.

Annual Fundraising Events

  • A Continental Affair!
  • Eco Chic Trunk Show
  • Taste the Nations
  • Beach Volleyball Tournament