Volts: Varsity Girls Volleyball Tiebreaker with CAHS

Nalani Figueroa

The Volts defied the odds on  Tuesday by pushing the competition with CAHS to the extreme.  A Volts win in the first match, followed by back and forth tight victories for each team left the game to a tie-breaker in the 5th set.  CAHS took the tie-breaker, but no-one watching that game could question the powerhouse that is Volts Varsity Girls Volleyball.

I've done the math.  VIMSIA female population for varsity age sports is 25.  Yep - we have a pool of about 25 girls with which to build a team.  CAHS - well, I can't be sure, but a quick calculation and I am pretty confident that 600 is about right - or close enough to prove my point.  Our girls from this little bitty school rocked!  They were professional, supportive of each other and a force to be reckoned with.  I could not have been prouder.  As I watched the game, I realized that the 11th grade girls are the first students to have had the advantage of starting to play volleyball as 4th graders when our program first began.  Goes to show how important it is to build your teams starting at a young age.

Kudos to the team and Coach Figueroa.  A special shout-out to former Volt Volleyball powerhouse, Ms. Kendall Hebert for helping out this season.    Go Volts!  (I guess we're not just the smart school anymore.)