PGIA Welcomes Spanish Exchange Students!


Bienvenido to the eleven 7th and 8th grade Spanish exchange students that joined us from Madrid last week.  We are so excited that we have embarked on an exchange program with the Eurocolegio Casvi School just outside of Madrid, Spain.  These 7th and 8th graders will be here at the PGIA for six weeks.  In February, 13 of our PGIA 7th and 8th graders will travel to their school in Madrid for six weeks.   The Madrid students are being hosted by the VIMSIA families whose children will travel in February.   

What an amazing opportunity for these students to improve their foreign language development, immerse themselves in cultural interaction, and make international friends for a lifetime!  As our Head of School often states...

We don’t live on simply an island, we don’t live in simply the United States - we live in the world, and our students must become conscientious global citizens.
— Michael Bornn, VIMSIA Head of School

The weekends for these students and their hosts are filled with great island and Caribbean excursions, we are so proud to show off our island to these friends from Spain.  Thanks to Mr. Williams for putting together this video of their trip to Coral World.  Spanish friends, share this with your friends at home so they can see what you're up to!!