Amsterdam End Session Arrives

Good night everyone,

We are here safe and sound. We were greeted by Donovan. We took a train in to the city and then a tram to our hotel...which is so cool and artsy. We all love it. We showered, which felt amazing!  Donovan then walked us to the Food Hall which used to be a tram repair shop.  Gorgeous architecture. The hall had every kind of food you can imagine and live music. It was awesome people watching and AMAZING food. We soaked it all up. On our way back to the hotel we stopped at the grocery market to get a few things for breakfast. Cool choices and delicious looking fruit.  I then tucked everyone in with goodnight hugs and off to dreamland we are heading.Tomorrow we are visiting the Van Gogh Museum first. I'm not sure what all Donovan has planned after that but I know it'll be amazing. All six of us are in love with the city...a bit colder than we thought but still really awesome!

I'll write more tomorrow. 


Mrs. Elger