Update from our Amsterdam Crew!

Good night everyone,

We began the day with emotions of children...bliss, glee, and terror! We spent three hours biking in the park, one of the largest in the city. Two of us were fairly novice riders, hence terror. Three of us were gleeful. And one of us was experiencing pure bliss! This was the reason she came to Amsterdam. It was also great people and dog watching. We returned the bikes and grabbed lunch. We walked the long way to the Anne Frank House shopping, seeing tulips, and taking in mathie sights along the way. We waited in line and then experienced sadness, grief, and empathy as we toured the home. "It was definitely a learning experience," said one student. "It made it real," said another. It impacted me greatly...there really are no words. We then went to Donovan and Klaus' house for a typical Dutch home cooked meal. Their neighbor, Ms. Kitty, came over for dinner as well. She began telling her story of being in an internment camp in Indonesia when she was a child and coming to the Netherlands as a refugee. Amazing conversations ensued over delicious food. We left the apartment and went shopping because the stores were open late. Tomorrow we have a busy busy day ahead. We are definitely making the most of our experiences here. Misses to each of you and hugs from the Amsterdam girls.

Take care,