Day 107 - Power Finally!


Drum roll please!  Yes - we got WAPA power to most of campus yesterday!  We are still on generator for the PGIA House and Hibiscus, but the rest of campus is running on WAPA.

Thanks to everyone for all of your support as we have made this journey.  Day one of post hurricanes school, we had only one small generator running in lower campus that provided running water to a limited number of areas.  Lots of exercise for everyone to get to a bathroom that worked!  Over the next few weeks, when the supply of generators on island was nil and in the country was not much better - Mr. Bornn and a handful of private funders managed to find and transport a shipment of high power generators to island for the school.  September and October were definitely challenge filled.  These efforts were critical to keeping school open. 

We now have five major generators around campus and have been running the whole school pretty smoothly on generator power.  And now, though we are VERY happy to have WAPA available to us, we are also well on our way to our off-grid power goal.  

So thanks to all of our families, students and staff for hanging in there when a fan belt broke, diesel didn't show up, our loads were not balanced and oh so many other issues.  And special thank you to Mark Hume, Shane DeGannes and Matt Enright for becoming fast on-staff generator experts.   So many of our parents with electric, diesel and generator knowledge stepped up, our donors,  and Mr. Bornn for taking charge immediately and pulling it all together - we couldn't have done this without all hands on deck.