Go Volts: School Participation Winners - Rotary Triathlon

Volts bring home the school participation award...again!  Pretty sure we are undefeated in this.  Way to go  VIMSIA athletes!

Special shout-out to our medalists

12 - 15 year olds:  Taber - 1st place; Kaia - 1st place; Relay Anapia, Aviela, Nicholas - 1st place; Relay Skyler and Axel - 2nd place; Relay (mixed school) Gabriella, Christian and Thomas - 3rd place

9-11 year olds:  Maia T - 1st place; Relay Mariana, Aurora and Sofie - 2nd place

5-8 year olds:  Lyle - 3rd place; Relay (mixed school) Charlie, Willie and Connor - 1st place

Full List of Medalists