Back to School Monday


Hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected after enduring two category 5 hurricanes back to back. For the island to get back to some state of normal, we must all as individuals and institutions strive to put things back together - step by step.  Opening school is critical to getting that sense of security and normalcy back for all of us.  

This from Tommy Brunt, Board President:

"Getting the school opened and functional asap is one of the most important pieces of having a populated and functioning VI by year end."

Monday (9/25) will be our first day back.  Staff will report to school 45 after curfew lifts.  Students AND parents please report 2 hours after curfew lifts.  Everyone is to meet at that time under the solar awning.  Students will meet with their teachers and then proceed with their day, parents will have a brief meeting with school Administration.  VIMSIA Board memeber Lori Thompson, from Insight Psychology, will be available during this time if any one would like to have some time with her.

The school day will end at 3:30 until further notice.  No after school hours for PGIA study hall or BEC initially.  Of course there will be no bus service, so please be sure you, or someone authorized by you, picks up your child by 3:30.

Regular parking is available in the upper and lower lots.  Upper lot, you may have to walk through the basketball court to get to the awning.  IA House is off limits for a few days.  The shade cover over the IA driveway needs to be reinforced.

The campus has come a remarkable way since the devastation that began with Irma. Mr. Bornn has been in overdrive ensuring progress is made every day.  However, there are still repair efforts underway and quite a bit of debris and general mess still being cleaned up from the storms.  Students must wear close toed shoes!  They should also spray up with bug spray - we will have additional at school.  If you do NOT want your child sprayed with bug spray, be sure to let their teacher know that.  Bring their lunch as usual and please be sure they bring a full water bottle.  We have not had time to get the school water tested and do not want to risk it.  We will have bottled water available as well, but do please bring a full water bottle to start the day.  

PGIA students do not need to bring their laptops.  

See you Monday.  And so begins our trek up the hill as a functioning educational institution in the midst of a national disaster site - The Little School that Could!