Library Extension Complete!


One of the most exciting developments with our libraries this year was the opening of a new extension to the Montessori Library! Our collection of books has nearly doubled since Ms. Kathy Schlesinger joined us as librarian in 2010.  The shelves had become so crowded that not all of the fiction books could be shelved at the same time.  Ever creative in looking for space, Ms. Schlesinger had her eye on an adjacent storeroom, and with the help of Ms. Tess Williams, moved everything worth keeping and cleaned out the rest.  The room was painted, and over the summer shelves were installed and books were shelved.  We now have more room for our burgeoning fiction collection, as well as a new inviting space for beginning chapter books.  The new room also provides cozy reading spaces and brings more light into the whole library.  It is so exciting to see students’ faces when they see the new space!