Alumna Spotlight On Leah Trotman

PGIA alumna and former MLK, Jr. Award recipient, Leah Trotman, is continuing to make a difference in her collegiate life. She is currently a freshman at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA where she was the only freshman to serve on the President's Committee for Puerto Rico and USVI Hurricane Relief. It was Leah that contacted the President and Dean of Campus Life after these events to see how Agnes Scott could mobilize their efforts to help. She also is a member of several campus clubs and organizations and already holds leadership roles as a freshman. Recently, she was accepted and given a full scholarship to attend the 2018 Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service as a participant in the Leadership Scholars Program. 

"Leah Trotman continues to make us proud!" - Elizabeth Elger


Leah Trotman

“Unlike other college students around me, I don’t shy away from large workloads in college. Rather, because of the level of work given at VIMSIA, I jump feet first into the work and take it one step at a time. VIMSIA has also taught me how to be an internationally ready student. I am writing to you from a hotel in La Antigua, Guatemala on a class trip. These are things that are now normal to me because of my trips to Colombia and China. Thanks End Session! I am forever grateful for my education at VIMSIA. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”