Congratulations Class of 2018

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The PGIA Class of 2018 has been through a life-changing senior year. The devastating hurricanes in September of 2017 took their senior class of 17, all the way down to just 10 seniors on campus. Their close-knit group was severed, as many families were displaced from St. Thomas due to lost homes and lost jobs. The remaining students faced having to endure the rigorous IB Diploma Program without power, internet or most other school resources that they needed. These hearty students came back to school just 3 short weeks after Hurricanes Irma & Maria destroyed our island's infrastructure. These students survived daily classes with no electricity, no water, no internet, etc. They endured 107 days of this. Still, they hung strong. They stayed their course and managed to keep themselves on track, academically and personally. They received many generous donations from the community of food, school supplies, deadline extensions, prom dresses and even prom itself! Four of our original Class of 2018 students have rejoined us on this stage today, after their lives took on very different, unexpected changes during their senior year. We are honored to have all of these 14 students walking in our graduation ceremony. The PGIA Class of 2018 is truly a group of young adults filled with grit and perseverance. At this early point in their lives, they have overcome one of the most horrific natural disasters known to the Caribbean. And succeeded. There is no limit on what they can do now - they are literally unstoppable.