Boys Varsity Basketball Takes Off


The Varsity Boys Basketball Team kicked off the season Tuesday night against Charlotte Amalie High School. The VOLTS played tough but eventually came up short 53-40. It's an exciting team this year. We have a core group of committed boys that have been participating for a while - Teon Persaud, Greg Christian, Jalen McClean, Teagan Kappel and Jayvyn Potter. A few more VIMSIA students decided to join - Jimson St. Louis and Drake Nemeth. We've welcomed a senior from GIFTT Hill - Patrick Hendrickson. And we've also welcomed four students from Seventh Day Adventist - Angel Khatib, James Nosty, Mauricio Francis and Austin Sterling Jr. 

We play Friday night vs IEKHS at IEKHS. Game time is set for 5:15. Please keep checking our school website for game schedules as updates come out regularly. And please come out and support us!
The Varsity Girls Basketball Team's schedule is set to be announced next Monday. Please check for their schedule as well and please come out and support us!

I would also like to thank a few other students that make our season possible. Radiance Peets keeps the official score book for us during games. Daicya Dawson video records the games. Chelisia Morton helps out as an assistant coach for both varsity teams. 

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