Mimi Presents at ASLO in San Juan

ASLO Poster - Mireille Boumedine (1).jpg

This week PGIA 9th grader Mimi Boumedine, along with six other St. Thomas high school students, presented at the international ASLO (Association for the Sciences of Liminology and Oceanography) 2019 aquatic sciences meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Mimi shared her student team's research on fish preferences for natural vs. artificial coral reefs. She and her team built artificial reefs, then observed which fish preferred their reefs vs. the natural ones, categorizing by species and age. Their research was conducted this past summer with the Youth Ocean Explorers program at UVI. The presentation was given at a special high school poster session initiated and organized by none other than Dr. Michele Guannel, Assistant Professor of Biology with the Virgin Islands Institute for STEM Education Research and Practice at UVI.