The Soccer Field is Looking Very "Bright"

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How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Out of chaos comes opportunity.

The Story of the Lights:

VIMSIA's soccer field is now lit with LED lights. Thus the electricity consumption is nominal. The poles supporting the lights are discarded utility poles from the hurricanes...recycled poles. 

And that’s not all this very “GREEN” field has to boast about:

  • The retaining wall and seats on the south side of the field are built from discarded poles from the hurricanes...recycled materials;

  • The poles and lights were installed by Haugland Energy... donated labor;

  • The field is watered with water captured in our road run-off collection system. The system not only waters the field but reduces the road run-off into the ocean from surrounding environmental system helping to preserve ocean quality;

  • The pump system and lighting are powered by our solar system and battery storage system, (off grid system) energy payments to WAPA.


Pit fall: the lawn mower used to mow the field is gas powered.

But, maybe we can fix that, too. CAS hours anyone?