American Red Cross Pillow Case Project


Volunteers from the American Red Cross visited the Upper Elementary Classes at Virgin Islands Montessori School and Peter Gruber International Academy (VIMSIA) to present the Pillow Case Project, an initiative geared towards disaster readiness.

Originally started in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina, the project was sparked by the actions of college students who were forced to evacuate their dorms with personal belongings and had no suitcases available… only their pillow cases.

Each student received a pillow case purchased and sponsored by Disney and distributed by the American Red Cross’ School Safety Program. Scenarios such as house fires and natural disasters were discussed at length and students were taught the correct emergency readiness steps.

Volunteers placed emphasis on the fact that students are capable of having individual power with emergency situation and feel prepared by taking personal and safety items with them such as a stuffed animal, first aid kit, MRE, medicines, toiletries, snacks, change of clothes, etc. A representative from the American Red Cross informed VIMSIA that after hurricanes Irma and Maria many children on island mentioned that their parents did not take the warnings seriously and as a result the children ended up with no food or shelter leaving them worried and disappointed.