Checkmate! Scholastic Chess Tournament


The last scholastic chess tournament of the year was held at CAHS on Saturday, May 12. The tournament rules followed the Swiss system, G30 which means each player played four rounds with 30 minutes on the clock per game. According to the Swiss system, the more you win the harder each progressive round gets. Prizes and trophies for this tournament were sponsored by the Rotary Club of St. Thomas II. 

The STT/STJ Chess Association has received enough funding to go on a trip this year.  The top 16 players from the islands will be invited to participate in a tournament in Florida in December, all expenses paid. All the winners listed here will be invited to participate in this event, except for Emmanuel Estrella, who is a graduating senior.  

Tournament Winners:

 9 and under: First place, Eli Blondeau from Antilles School; Second place, Ger’ Lanni from Sibily School and Third place, Drake Walters from Montessori School.

12 and under: First place, Ajay Mirpuri from Antilles School; Second place, Miles Tolud from Montessori School; and Third place Jermaine Jones Gomez School

13 and over: First place, Marco Emile from Ivanna Eudora Kean School; Second place, Emmanuel Estrella (CAHS) and Third place Jean Virey (Eudora Kean)

Rohan Nagi was also selected to represent the VI in Florida this coming December. Congratulations to all participants.