Happy Birthday Dr. Maria Montessori


Students celebrated Dr. Maria Montessori's 148th birthday yesterday, by presenting human-sized timelines and acting out skits depicting Dr. Montessori’s life achievements. The celebration concluded by singing “Happy Birthday” in both English and Spanish and lighting Dr. Montessori’s birthday candle. Dr. Maria Montessori was born on August 31, 1870.

Who would have guessed that in 1964 Virgin Islands Montessori School and Peter Gruber International Academy (VIMSIA) would open its doors and start the school year off with only one Primary classroom and twelve students. Today, VIMSIA Montessori students held a birthday celebration to honor Dr. Montessori’s workings and celebrate how far her teaching and our school have progressed, all thanks to her vision. To date, VIMSIA has 158 Montessori students and nine classrooms – two Toddler, three Primary, tow Lower Elementary and two Upper Elementary. www.vimsia.org