UVI Research Day


Last week, the 11th grade Diploma Programme students participated in UVI's Research Day, which provides the opportunity to learn about the exciting and informative research performed by undergraduate students, graduate students, and professors at UVI. The diversity of topics ranged from biology and physics to anthropology and psychology. Our DP students spent the morning reading about various research projects, talking with researchers, and taking part in hands-on activities, including virtual reality simulations. This outing helped students connect real world research to the content they are learning in biology and/or environmental systems and societies, while also providing inspiration for future research of their own.  

Back From the Big Apple


The 6th grade class have just come back from the annual MMUN trip, full of stories and news. MMUN stands for Model Montessori United Nations, and it is the experience of a lifetime in which our 6th graders go to New York to participate in this amazing event. According to the students, this year was a huge success and everybody had lots of fun. “ My favorite part was meeting new people at the UN and being able to help solve problems that need to be solved. I also really enjoyed doing some fun activities NYC has to offer; skating at Rockefeller, visiting museums; and walking around New York, because New York is an awesome city.” said one sixth grade student.

Girls skating.jpg

Social Media Changes


Arash Pahlavan, CEO of "Go Viral Social Media," has been hired to work with Pamela Engle, Director of Advancement, to see how we can improve our online social marketing. Arash comes with years of experience handling various big and reputable accounts not only on St. Thomas, but internationally. He brings new perspective and is a breath of fresh air to work with. 

Although we are one school, we really provide two unique products: Montessori and IB education. After taking a thorough look at our social media pages and analyzing some data, it was suggested that the business page be split in two to create segmented landing pages. Post on both business pages will be kep light and speak to the heart.

Peter Gruber International Academy 
Virgin Islands Montessori School

So where are we going to see all the regular stuff? In the Bulletin Board groups. People who WANT to be bombarded with information, highlights, blog posts, announcements, are welcome to join the group. This way, if you're a PGIA parent you can go to your page and know EVERYTHING you need to know without seeing Montessori stuff. Vice versa for Montessori. Yes, there are some parents with kids in both schools, but the beauty is that we're tending more to their specific needs of a wider audience.

Peter Gruber International Academy Bulletin Board
Virgin Islands Montessori School Bulletin Board

We plan to work with the PTA as well. Effective immediately we will be asking the PTA to only post regarding PTA related materials in the PTA page. NO sharing of community events, NO posting volt news - no SPAM. The only information in the PTA group should be PTA related.


Andy Yu Accepted US Naval Academy Summer STEM Program

image (2).png

Andy Yu, PGIA 8th grade student, has been accepted into the US Naval Academy Summer STEM Program in Annapolis, Maryland! This program allows students to explore, create, build and expand critical thinking and collaboration skills. Andy gets to experience the program with students from all over the world who are interested in STEM fields! Congratulations Andy! Please contact Ms. Ebe to learn more or share details of your upcoming summer experience!

Mimi Boumedine Accepted Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence 4 All Program

Mimi (1).jpg

Mimi Boumedine, PGIA 9th grade student, has been accepted into Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence 4 All Program this summer! This three week program allows students to study artificial intelligence with Stanford faculty and graduate students as well as take field trips to local companies involved in Artificial Intelligence. Students also complete a research project to round out the program. Congratulations Mimi!  Stay tuned for more updates on where our students are heading this summer!  Please contact Ms. Ebe with any questions or to share details on your upcoming summer experience. 

Alick Letang Guest Speaker College Seminar


Alick Letang, Admissions Director of Randolph College, spoke to our DP1 students during college seminar this week! Originally from the Virgin Islands, Mr. Letang has over 20 years of admissions and enrollment management experience. He shared many insights with students including keeping an open mind during the college search, the importance of academic success and always looking for ways to create options for the future. Thank you for supporting our students Mr. Letang!

Positive Lifestyles Promgram


The PGIA would like to thank all community presenters that donated their time to talk to our students yesterday during the Positive Lifestyle Program Health Fair; Dr. Jessica Wilson, Meg Sheahan, Bianca McClammy, Michael Fogle, Justin Kurtz, Ashley Smith, and our staff members Shane DeGannes, Mara Brownell, and Kelly Butler. 

Kira Mitchell Accepted to Oxford Scholastica Academy, England


Kira Mitchell, PGIA 10th grade student, will participate in the Oxford Scholastica Academy in England this summer! She will participate in the Medicine Preparation Academy and experience many types of university teaching and learning styles. Students will learn more about how the body works, interact with patients, conduct clinical examinations and develop medical knowledge and research skills. Student also have the opportunity to publish an article in a scholastic medical journal. Congratulations Kira! Stay tuned for more updates on where our students are heading this summer! Please contact Ms. Ebe with any questions or to share details on your upcoming summer experience.

Marissa Bornn Accepted John Hopkins University Summer Program


Marissa Bornn, PGIA 10th grade student, has been accepted to a summer program at Johns Hopkins University! The Discover Hopkins Medical School Intensive program allows students to focus on techniques related to surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and biomedical science. Students participate in lectures, labs and hands on medical training at John Hopkins Medical Simulation Center, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Congratulations Marissa! Stay tuned for more updates on where our students are heading this summer! Please contact Ms. Ebe with any questions or to share details on your upcoming summer experience.