MMUN Day 2!

This message just in from Ms. Schlesinger and Ms. Morrison:

Wednesday was our day for sight seeing. We split into groups to explore different parts of New York City, including Top of the Rock, The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York Public Library...The kids are loving popping into stores such as Lego, NBA, Forever 21, Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods. We’ve sampled world famous pizza and cheesecakes. Wednesday night as the kids were putting finishing touches on their poster displays, one said “I can’t believe we just got here last night!”

Today/ Thursday was the first day of conferences. Everyone was a little nervous in the morning, but by lunch feeling a lot more confident about the MMUN committee process.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get snow!!!!

Bon Voyage! MMUN Students on their Way!

Montessori Model United Nations trip is underway with 17 of our sixth year students.  This is our 10th year attending this amazing conference in New York City.  This year our students are representing the nations of Fiji, Finland, Portugal, Morocco, and Pakistan. The students research actual UN topics as if they were speaking from their represented country.  They spend all year doing their research and writing the papers and referendums required as UN ambassadors.  There will be thousands of Montessori students from around the country (and the world) at the conference. We have had several of our students over the years that have actually been chosen to speak on the floor of the UN General Assembly.  So exciting for these young students!  

Arrived safe and sound!  Ready to start their adventure.

Arrived safe and sound!  Ready to start their adventure.

Alumni Update: Alex Emerich

Alex started in Montessori at the age of 2 and graduated from our IB program in our second graduating class - 2012.  He went on to The Pennsylvania State University and has recently graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nuclear Engineering.  He is now working as a test engineer at The Savannah River Nuclear Site Salt Waste Processing Facility.  Alex was among the first five students to have spent their whole student lives through high school at VIMSIA.  

Alex's fondest memories are chess team with Coach Allen and Soccer with Señor Araujo.  When he started out in the High School, Ms. Zakers and Ms. Heersink taught every class!

 Congratulations, Alex, on your college graduation and best of luck in your new career!  Thanks for stopping by to visit.




All USVI students are welcome.

The St. Thomas/St. John Youth Scholastic Chess Club and St.Thomas Rotary II host the third youth chess tournament of the year school year. 

When         :  Saturday, February 18, 2017

Where        :  At the Lockhart Elementary School

Time            :  Registration starts at 7:45 a.m. The first game is expected to start at 8:00 a.m. sharp.

Rounds        :  A Four Round Tournament. Each round is expected to last for no more than 1 hour   (30 mins per player per game)

Categories   :  An Individual Tournament

                         9 years and under

                         Ages 12 years and under

                         Ages 13 years and above

Cost               :  No cost    Lunch will be on sale

Contact Person:  Sinclair Wilkinson 340-514-7054

All members of our community are encouraged to attend this event and support our students.

All students in our public and private schools including students from UVI are welcomed to join. All players are asked to be on time.