Go Volts: Varsity Boys Volleyball, Great Season Start Against Kean

I was so pleased to watch VIMSIA's first varsity boys volleyball game in at least 4 years!  For some reason, we have had many years without enough interest to field a team, but this year we are coming on strong with both JV and Varsity Boys teams.

Coach Figueroa has done a fine job of getting these great athletes prepared.  While they did not pull out a full win, they were very competitive against a seasoned - very big -  public high school team, that took the division last year.  They lost the first two sets by narrow margins (28-26; 25-17), won the third (23-25) but gave up the fourth (25-6).

This young team is athletic - they are coordinated and quick, they work well together on the court.  They will quickly improve throughout the season and be a contender.  My prediction.  Guess we'll see!