Canada End Session - Women's World Cup

End Sessions are just swimming along.  Here is an email just received from Ms. Elger.  She and Mr. Elger have the Women's World Cup - Canadian Cultural Experience End Session.  Sounds like all is well and kids are happy!  

Good afternoon, everyone,

I hope this finds you well. I apologize I haven’t sent an update. The WiFi at our hotel was a bit spotty the last two nights. We are currently on the train from Quebec to Montreal.

Short story, everyone is fine. A few of us are getting a little sick, but we’re managing it with Advil Sinus, EmergenC, fluids and rest. We think it has a lot to do with the temperature change. It’s been cold and we had rain today, so we’re all adjusting to Canada from our sunny STT. Since the last email, we have seen sights, shopped, ate, went to a hockey game, and ridden buses and trains.

Long story, your students are just amazing! Joey and I have been inspired by their abilities to take risks. Each of you would be very proud. On Sunday, we started our day with discovering a beautiful bakery. The food was just delicious! It was an inspiring way to begin our glorious day. We took the bus to Old Town, and students had a few hours to explore and shop on their own. We then took the funicular to a plaza where we were entertained by a street performer. We had breath-taking views of the St. Lawrence River and got to see the Chateau Frontenac, one of the most photographed hotels in the world and where Churchill and Roosevelt planned the D-Day invasion. We then ate poutine for lunch, while a few students went to a Creperie. We ventured back to the hotel, had some downtime, and left for the hockey game. The Memorial Cup was amazing! The students really enjoyed their first live hockey game. It went into overtime, and the ending was very dramatic! It was a great game. We had lights out when we returned to the hotel, and everyone was tucked safely and soundly in their beds. The following day, the group went to an amazing market. Many of the students enjoyed the fresh tomatoes! Our plan was to go to a museum about the French/Indian War, but the restoration that should have finished in April was still on-going. So, we just enjoyed playing in a huge field. A few students rolled all the way to the bottom. We got some great videos of this! Afternoon naps and downtime at the hotel followed. We then left for our “fancy” dinner. What fun!! Everyone looked so precious all dressed up. Our waiter was fantastic, and the food was out of this world. Our party ordered everything from steaks to pate to rabbit to liver to truffles to homemade sodas and several things in between. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and each other. We then returned to the hotel for downtime before lights out at midnight. We knew today would be cold and rainy, so we planned a day inside at a local mall. Students shopped to their hearts content and ate from all the options at the food court. Mr. Elger and I saw an IMAX film in French and gave the students Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We took a bus back to the hotel, grabbed our bags, took a bus to the train station, and boarded the train. We will arrive in Montreal around 6:00 and check into our hotel. Tonight will be an easy and relaxing one. Tomorrow, we will be sight-seeing and spectators at an MLS game. The next day, we will be at an amusement park.

Again, I cannot tell you how fantastic your children are being. They are so polite when we are on any form of public transportation, always offering their seats to locals. They open doors for each other. They’re just really great young people. I know y’all miss them, but thank you for letting us have this experience with them.

Please text or email if you need us.

Take Care,