VIMSIA: A Look Ahead for 2015- 2016

We at VIMSIA are so excited about this coming school year.  The Montessori and International Baccalaureate programs, which provide the foundation of our school, are internationally acclaimed.  Each year we re-dedicate ourselves to improving on the year before and are doggedly persistent in our efforts to raise the bar of education in the VI.   We are pleased to share with you some of our plans for the coming year.


Exciting New Initiatives!

College Counseling Workshop

We welcome Chris Teare to our staff as College Placement Director.  He and Ms. Elizabeth Elger, our College Counselor, are collaborating to ensure that our students gain the attention of the top schools in the country and internationally.  They are dedicated to providing exceptional guidance and support to our students as they move on to their next educational adventure.  In October, VIMSIA is conducting an evening college seminar for parents and students to help support families with the college selection, application and enrollment processes. Our hands-on approach walks families every step of the way through this experience and makes sure that our students are able to apply to their best fit, top tier schools. Chris Teare and Elizabeth Elger will be running this interactive and informational evening event. Other college placement events will be held throughout the school year to help support families during this most exciting but nerve-racking time.



View the sky, stars and planets. We are very excited to begin an astronomy partnership with UVI and the Etelman Observatory.  We will host our first "Astronomy Night" right here on VIMSIA’s campus, using our new inflatable Starlab Planetarium (you won’t want to miss this!)  Dr. David Morris, Director of the Etelman Observatory, and PGIA science teacher Mr. Andy Palmer will be presenting short 15-20 minute talks about constellations and mythology inside the planetarium while others view celestial objects from telescopes placed on the soccer field. Date yet to be confirmed, but we will post it on our school calendar and facebook. 

Exchange Program Abroad 

To further enhance our international education and Spanish programs, we are finalizing the details on a 6-8 week exchange program with an IB school in Madrid, Spain. Students from VIMSIA will travel to Spain for a Spanish immersion education and students from Madrid will travel to St. Thomas for an English immersion education. This is merely another element of our commitment to internationalism and language proficiency. In years past we have travelled to numerous other Spanish destinations for immersion trips, such as Peru, Colombia and Argentina, and have been fortunate to host students from Argentina here at VIMSIA. 

Weizmann Institute, UVI, Gruber Foundation and PGIA Collaboration

We continue to strengthen the collaboration between the Weizmann Institute of Israel, University of the Virgin Islands, The Gruber Foundation, and our own Peter Gruber International Academy.  Our students are provided the exceptional opportunity of working with the Weizmann Institute and UVI Faculty during PGIA STEM End Sessions each year.  We are also working to add an Israel travel component to this initiative.  The collaboration will also provide our students strong standing for graduate studies through The Weizmann Institute. Each year we continue to send our senior students to the annual Gruber Scientific Awards Ceremony at UVI.

MSA Presentation

VIMSIA is hosting a Middle States Association workshop on “How to Conduct the Mid-Term Review” on Tuesday, October 20th. Educators from all over the territory will be invited and in attendance. MSA is the accrediting agency for most of the schools in the VI.  Over the years, VIMSIA has developed a very pro-active and mutually respectful relationship with this highly influential educational organization.  

Metric Infusion

Only three countries in the world are not on the metric system, isn't it time Americans learn the metric system?  VIMSIA believes the answer is yes. We have begun a metric infusion program to develop metric thinking in our students. Interactive metric activities and signs are all over campus.

PGIA Radio Station

In October, we unveil our new PGIA student-run radio program.  It will be accessible through our school website or as an app on your personal devices.   WUVI AM1090 will also air the show on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.  Students will develop their own programming including music, weather, public announcements, interviews and more.  This initiative is driven by PGIA’s Radio and Film 4H Club.  Our main sponsor is UVI’s Cooperative Extension Service 4H.  Ms. Erika Gomez and Mr. Scott Williams are the advisors.  Senior student CJ Fahie is the club president and we are looking for members within the PGIA student body.  Contact CJ if you are interested!

International Soccer Games

VIMSIA soccer teams will be competing against international teams this year. Look out for schedule of games.

Indoor Tennis

Too hot to play Tennis? Come join us under our awning for a match in the shade. Come by and see the court and get information on availability.