Spotlight: Khalese Potter receives Martin Luther King Award

Each year, the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas honors Martin Luther King by recognizing local seniors with the Martin Luther King Service Award.  PGIA Senior Khalese Potter was among the honorees this year and in true Khalese fashion - held the audience in rapt attention.  After her speech at the synagogue, Khalese was asked to present her speech to the VI Legislature.  

Khalese is invited to present her speech to the VI Legislature

Khalese is invited to present her speech to the VI Legislature

One of the proudest moments is to give these students a moment to speak their mind and feel empowered. We want them to know that their words really matter and they can make difference. More valuable than the monetary award is their moment to shine and be an advocate for what’s right in the world.
— Rabbi Mike Harvey, St. Thomas Hebrew Congregation - St. Thomas Source

Seeing Khalese at the podium, making her views heard is a sight that will certainly not end here.  Khalese will most certainly go on to great things and make a difference in this world.  Be the change, Khalese!  We are so proud of you.

St. Thomas Source Article

Khalese's closing remarks:

Understanding our differences begins the journey to regarding each other as individuals and allows us to recognize differences as just that rather than viewing them as threats to the sanctity of another group’s ideals.

My ideas seem idealistic Dr. King, but as education and the celebration of diversity progress they become more realistic each day. So to paraphrase your words, I accept my finite disappointment today, but never loose my infinite hope for tomorrow.
— Khalese Potter, PGIA Senior