Congratulations to our Mathletes from Ms. Elger

First of all, I want to say what an honor it is to work with a community of such incredible individuals.  I am humbled by all the gifts and talents our school's mathletes possess.  Of the six that competed today, not only are they strong in and passionate about math, they are swimmers, runners, soccer and basketball players, artists, programmers, coders, volunteers...the list goes on and on.  In my four years on this island, I've grown to understand, we just have good kids at our school.  So, thank you, mathletes, for being downright good kids.  Thank you parents for raising these young ones and for supporting the efforts of the PGIA.

Secondly, I want to congratulate all of our mathletes who competed and attended today's competition.  Our team, consisting of Anna Lola Williams, Carter Maltby, Kira Mitchell, and Captain Skyler Anspacher, placed second.  Skyler Anspacher placed third individually and fourth in the Countdown Round.  BRAVO, Skyler!  This means he qualifies to compete at the state level and could have the potential to compete at the national level; however, he will be in Madrid putting the "I" in International Academy.  So, they had to call up the person in 11th place...who just happens to be our own Carter Maltby.  Carter will be competing at the State MathCounts Competition on St. Croix on March 30 (right after representing the USVI National Swimming Team!).  Again, nice work, y'all.

Thirdly, I want to challenge each of us to have a growth mindset.  This is my fourth year coaching the PGIA MathCounts team, and each year, I look for ways to improve.  I would appreciate feedback from mathletes and parents on how we can strengthen our program.  We can and will do better!  I so relish in our successes, but I always see opportunities for improvement.  Please share your thoughts with me when you have a chance.

Thanks again, everyone, and GO MATH!

Take care,

Mrs. Elger