First Year Volt Basketball Team Epitomizes "True Grit"

In our first year for girls' varsity basketball, these Volts showed guts, determination and a wonderful sense of humor, as they took on the 'CANES at Antilles yesterday! 

Due to team injuries/illness, with Germaine and Isa on the bench for support, we began with only four players, (no substitutes on the bench!), against their fully stocked team of five on the court, (and as many on the bench). Nalani, who was playing a fantastic game, was taken down by a block by Antilles defense as she was taking a shot, and sadly her fall, reinjured her knee and she was out for the rest of the game. The team of 3 soldiered on, with a ratio of 3 to 5 players on court, and Radiance, Daicya and Maya excelled in stopping Antilles from driving up their score, with incredible defense, and managed to run the ball down for another goal by Radiance. 

We may not have earned the title of the 'Little Team That Could', but our girls Varsity basketball team certainly encapsulated all the IB principles; of focus, persistence, courage, ethical behavior, and great humor and sports womanship- even when Radiance was fallen on by the opposition, she laughed through almost crying! Maya was a spitfire running the court, always being under the hoop to take on the opposition's shooter, and Daicya, the epitome of fearless and 'island- tough', made it known to the opposition that she was ready to take on anyone with the ball. This is a team that has come from nothing in their first season. Kudos to All: Coach JD, Captain- Germaine, Radiance, Isa, Daycia, Nalani, Maya and Kobe! Go VOLTS!!!

Contributed by Pamela New.