2015 Miss America Visits PGIA

The PGIA had an assembly on Friday, January 22nd where Kira Kazantsev, Miss America 2015, visited and spoke to students in grades 7-12. Kira spoke about healthy relationships and preventing domestic violence.  This was her platform when she was running for Miss America and during her reign.  It continues to be her passion now that she has passed the crown on to her 2016 successor. 

In the Miss America assembly, Kira shared her personal experience with domestic violence in college. She discussed the mission, "Love Shouldn't Hurt: Protecting Women Against Domestic Violence." Kira educated students about signs of domestic violence and how to get help if someone is in an unsafe relationship.

Kira taught students about the 4 points of the crown: Style, Success, Service, and Scholarship. She discussed how these 4 points can apply to many areas of life, and how they can be used as a guide toward accomplishing tasks and reaching goals.

Many people may be familiar with Kira's movement, "Put a nail in it!" In this movement, celebrities, sports stars, and people all over the world, men and women alike, paint their relationship commitment finger (usually the left hand ring finger) the color PURPLE to signify their commitment to ending domestic violence and pursuing healthy relationships. Purple is a color that signifies domestic violence awareness.