Grade 10 Students Present Their Personal Projects

On Wednesday a sampling of Grade 10 students had the opportunity to present their Personal Projects for the MYP student body and parents. The Personal Project is a culminating activity for the IB MYP and serves to prepare students for the IB Diploma Program. The Personal Project is a significant body of work that is the product of a student's own initiative and creativity. It's goal is for each MYP Grade 10 student to develop a focus of deep personal interest that reflects the knowledge they have gained through participation in the IB Middle Years Program.

Some of the topics covered in this year's Personal Projects included: The nature and purpose of creative expression through writing, The effects of captivity on marine mammals, How Shakespeare is relevant to our lives today, Telling stories through animation, Launching and promoting an online identity, Learning to love yourself and the importance of positive self image, The relationship between diet and athletic training, plus many many more.

It was a wonderful afternoon and the students all did a stellar job presenting their research and products as well as answering a variety of questions from the attendees.