Visualization and motivation Talk by James Mapes


“We may not be able to control what happens to us, BUT we can control how we respond to it.” -James Mapes

On Wednesday, Feb 21, James Mapes a popular international public speaker who specializes in teaching skills to individuals and organizations that stimulate innovation, visited the PGIA to do a 45 min presentation on "Visualization and Motivation" for the 7th - 12th graders.  James passed out props to each student to demonstrate the power of thought.  He spoke to the kids about using positive thinking to create motivation in your life and how to avoid self-limiting beliefs that will hold you back from you want.  He did several demonstrations for the kids that left them gasping and staring in disbelief.  The room was a flutter with excitement and laughter.

Take a ways: set goals, write goals down, do not let negative beliefs hold you back, do let positivie beliefs motivate you, visualize what you want. 

James performs this Saturday night, 2/24, at the Forum at Antilles School.  This intriguing performance is $25/adults, $10/teachers and FREE for students.